Arial Photography

With Ephander Digital’s mini-drone we can guarantee 1080p footage at 30fps. If your needing quick shots for social media or can settle for 1080p quality we can offer Arial photography solutions at a fraction of the cost of others. Footage shot using the DJI Spark which has a lot of powerful in-built features and auto shots to make your filming experience as painless as possible. The drone has in built sensors which makes it near impossible to crash so you can rest assured nothing will get damaged.


Filmed in Wanaka, New Zealand which is located in the south Island. There was some tricky locations to film as all the mountains often made the wind unpredictable but as you can see by the video footage that did little to affect the stability.


Filmed in Wellington, New Zealand. Despite being the capital city there are some very interesting locations to film or take photos in. Despite the unpredictable weather and wind Wellington for us is home!